Voice coaching

Isabella’s aim is for people to access their natural voice, as opposed to their habitual voice, and have the freedom to use their voice confidently in whichever discipline they choose to follow.
The 2 areas which Isabella covers are Singing and Speech.


• PERSONAL PLEASURE AND ACHIEVEMENT--- this includes children and adults. As Isabella has taught for many years in Primary, she has an understanding of Child Development and has a special qualification in the Developing Voice, which needs nurturing and special care. She is uniquely placed to develop children’s voices and repertoire. Many people are happy just to be able to sing in church or to join in with others and Isabella points them in the direction she feels is most suitable for socialising through music.
• SCHOOL EXAMS ---Isabella is familiar with the SQA curriculum up to Advanced Higher and has a record of high achievement in this category.
• EXTERNAL EXAMINATIONS---Isabella also enters pupils for ABRSM, Trinity and LCM examinations up to diploma level.
• AUDITIONS—Many of the pupils who have successfully passed Advanced Higher, decide to further their studies at a Conservatoire and this requires a more intense level of study which is provided by Isabella. Some of her former students have successfully graduated from the Royal Scottish Conservatoire or continued their studies at another college either in Britain or abroad. Some former pupils have appeared on the London stage---e.g. The Lion King and Billy Elliot.
• MUSICIANSHIP--- In all aspects of studies Isabella includes Musicianship, which not only enhances learning but is a powerful tool to develop inner hearing and Sight Reading. For further information visit http://britishkodalyacademy.org
Isabella has her diploma in Advanced Musicianship from Kodaly Academy of Britain and Liszt Academy of music in Kecskemet, Hungary.


In this discipline also, Isabella coaches and encourages people to find their “natural” voice as opposed to their habitual voice. In order to do this---all aspects of voice use (see table)* are tackled systematically so that the muscles can be neutralised and re-educated. Then if a particular aspect needs worked on eg.:
this will be treated as a priority.
I some cases, there may be a need for:
• ACCENT REDUCTION---which is a smoothing out of exaggerated vowel or consonant sounds peculiar to an area in order to be understood nationally or internationally.
A voice is affected by the state of a speaker’s body and is also shaped by his/her personality and feelings. The sound of a voice can affect both the sensations and the emotions of a listener at an unconscious level.
The “FREE” VOICE will be strong and flexible in both personal and professional contexts. It will be audible in almost any setting and will not tire during speaking or strong periods of voicing.
1. It is based on a BODY which is as free as possible from awkward posture and excess tension.
2. It is powered by BREATH which flows from low in the body, and can support a variety of physical and vocal activities.
3. It has a passage through the CHANNEL with appropriate settings of jaw, lips, face, tongue, soft palate, pharynx and larynx.
4. It has PHONATION which will vary according to situation and mood and not be rough or creaky .
5. It will have an appropriate balance of RESONANCE ---head, oral and chest.
6. It will have an appropriate CENTRE pitch which can be varied up or down according to needs and situation.
7. Its LOUDNESS will be flexible enough to be varied appropriately.
8. It can be shaped into words by clear ARTICULATION of vowels and consonants with appropriate pace,fluency etc.
All of the above will benefit from some or all of the afore-mentioned criteria and can be tailored to suit the individual.
• SPEECH FAULTS---with her knowledge of previously mentioned skills and an intense study of vocal anatomy in London as part of her qualification in Integrated Voice, Isabella is in a position to help those who feel they have a problem with their voice---either quality or pronunciation.

In both speech and singing, Isabella passes on Performing Skills to those seeking to further their studies in either of these disciplines or are already in the profession. These skills are necessary for those who wish to make the stage their livelihood and cannot be quantified.


Most of her students achieved A passes in Music(musicianship and singing) and distinction in Speech and Drama Exams.

John 16, who sat Grade 6 speech and drama and passed with distinction (96%), wrote: “I’m so pleased with my results. I’d like to thank you for all the effort you put in and guidance, which helped me achieve such a fantastic result."

Jennifer, 17, wrote: "Just a small note to thank you for all your help and encouragement. It is very much appreciated. I feel you have given me the confidence and belief to be a strong singer. Thanks to your assistance I have been accepted for the Musical Theatre course at Motherwell College”.

"Isabella, I must thank you for your development and care of Andrew’s voice . I was so proud of him when he sang the hugely difficult part of Jean Val Jean in “Les Mis.” and I am so aware of the physical and technical difficulties he had to overcome to sing the part so well. I hope you will continue to care and nurture his voice." Kevin Keay
N.B. Andrew is now a professional actor/Musical Theatre performer based in London, having graduated from the prestigious post graduate Musical Theatre course at the Royal Scottish Conservatoire in Glasgow.